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Transition Drill #1: Hundreds through Rolling like a Ball

Length: 0:08:09

Online Mentoring - Pilates Mat Transition Drills- Practice these along with Beginner Mat Flow - First 20 Apprentice Hours. Once you have practiced both of these for 20 Apprentice Hours proceed to next step. 4 Steps for each exercise in traditional flow 1. Transition Verbal Cues that are easy to follow and help clients flow from one exercise to the next. 2. Name the Exercise - always name the exercise so that clients begin to learn the choreography of each exercise. 3. Starting Position - quickly get your clients into the Starting Position that is a strong foundation for the choreography. Safety is included when necessary. 4. Movement Sequence - Use simple cues to tell client what part of their body to move and where to move it.

Practice transition drill for each short section of PIlates Mat. Goal is to memorize verbal cues, rhythm, vocal tone and expression to motivate and keep your clients moving.

Transition Drills - First 20 Apprentice Hours are divided into the following sections: Hundreds - Hundreds; Half Roll Down; Roll Up; Single Leg Stretch; Rolling like a Ball Ab Series - Single Leg Stretch; Double Leg Stretch; Single Straight Leg Stretch (Scissors;) Double Straight Leg Stretch (Lower & Lift;) Criss Cross/Bicycle Seated - Spine Stretches; Open Leg Rocker; Saw Prone - Swan; Single Leg Kick; Double Leg Kick Side Lying - Side Legs; Seal; Push Ups

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