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Module 4: Upper Body Movement Experience

Length: 0:26:36

Third in our Movement Principles Mentoring Series. Movement Principles are the foundation of Pilates Method. Each exercise and each series is performed with proper alignment and breath. In this way, the practitioner stays present in every movement of movement. Thank you to all of the beautiful Pilates bodies in this video.

This video is designed to help you learn to cue Upper Body moves in Standing; Plank and All Fours.

Movement Principles Homework: Identify cues for the following concepts throughout the video. 1) Muscle Engagement of Shoulder Girdle 2) Relationship of Neutral Pelvis to Upper Body moves. 3) Joint Safety and Natural Movement of Upper Body joints. 4) Standing Posture Cues. 5). Plank and All Fours Cues.

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