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Tower All Levels - Pull Downs. Progressions & Layers

Length: 0:04:38

Online Mentoring - Beginner Tower. This simple to teach and easy to follow series takes traditional Pull Downs and progresses the choreography.
Things to Focus on: 1. Neutral Pelvis and Spine Listen to the verbal cues to help you sit up tall with balanced muscle engagement of inner core and whole body integration.

  1. Shoulder Girdle Find the most stable and balanced position of shoulder girdle with proper hand position; breath; and neutral spine. Listen for these verbal cues and follow the order of this progression for best results.

  2. Choreography Variations Use different ranges of motion; rhythms; and hand positions to create a fun and full body workout.

  3. Bonus abs series at the end. Great ab series at the end - variation on assisted sit ups.

Enjoy and thank you Anne Idelson for being a beautiful Pilates Body.

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