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Zayna Gold - Standing Pilates: Barre & Beyond - Part One

Length: 0:33:11

Standing Pilates is one of the hottest new themes in our practice. Movement Principles like neutral; lumbopelvic stability; postural alignment; take on a whole new meaning in a standing position.

In addition we must work in Standing Position when we are trying to improve balance and standing stability for aging populations and also joint issues for all ages.

This workshop will explore kinesthetic body awareness to achieve proper alignment in a standing body position. We will be moving to music and without music. We will be taking Pilates repertoire into a standing position. These exercises are perfectly applicable for Barre Workout. For Pilates and Barre lovers alike prepare to end the workshop weekend with a new "Joy of Movement."

All levels of Pilates and fitness are welcome. This workshop is designed for instructors and clients who want to deepen their practice by understanding the beauty and freedom of working in the proper standing position.

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