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Mentoring Online - Pilates to Go

Mat One Flow This simple Mat One flow provides the framework for your Mat class. Learn the order, transitions and names of exercises with the following teacher training drills.

Transition Drill ** Transition; Name of Exercise; Starting Position (with any safety required); First 1-3 Repetitions; Transition to next Exercise

3 Reps to Move Drill ** Transition Drill PLUS 3 Reps with simple to follow verbal cues. These 3 reps get your client moving at the rhythm you provide.

Core Connection Drill ** 3 Reps to Move Drill PLUS "8 More" repetitions. Client will be able to move with rhythm and flow if you stick to the user friendly cues in the 3 Reps to Move drill. Once you have mastered the previous drill say "8 more" and this drill will help you to use correctional cues to deepen core connection in each exercise.

Neutral Pelvis Drill Learn user friendly cues to find neutral in 3 planes in each body position.

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