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Reformer One: 3 Reps to Move First 20 Apprentice Hours

Length: 0:46:37

Reformer Mentoring - Get Moving Series This video will teach you how to get your clients moving with simple technique cues. I call this drill 3 Reps to Move.
Here is the breakdown: 1. Transition 2. Name of Exercise 3. Starting Position (with any safety or equipment set up instructions) 4. 3 reps to move. Use only movement technique cues to get moving. This will give you a smooth teaching style to get people moving within the first 3 reps of each exercise. Then you have time to use the rest of the reps to give your correctional cues.

Practice this drill at least 10 times to gain mastery over the basic Reformer One flow. This particular flow is based on traditional order.

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